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A Look Back at FDA Approvals in 2016: The Downturn

Posted by Alan Greathouse

We all know 2016 was one for the ages and in the world of FDA Approvals the same can be said.

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Become a Life Sciences Quality Assurance Consultant: What are the skills required?

Posted by Adam Holmes

In Deloitte’s 2016 Global Life Sciences Sector Outlook, the research points to “an ever-evolving regulatory and risk environment” coupled with the “growing prevalence of chronic diseases” as just two of the factors driving the growth of the biotech sector and the heightened need for skilled Life Sciences professionals.

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Life Sciences Clusters

Posted by Stephen Perez

According to Wiktionary – the wiki based, open content dictionary – a “cluster” is defined as “a group or bunch of several discrete items that are close to each other”.

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Are you attending PhUSE in Deerfield, IL?

Posted by EG Life Sciences

In case you’re not familiar with PhUSE, it’s an independent organization that serves as a global platform to discuss topics surrounding programming in the regulated environments of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. And on July 21st, 2016, PhUSE is hosting a single day event entitled, “Utilizing Risk-Based Monitoring to More Effectively Identify and Mitigate Risk While Ensuring Patient Safety, Data Quality and Integrity” in Deerfield, IL.

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7 Common Phone Interview Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Posted by Melody Lam

As a recruiter I have the opportunity to hear interview feedback from both the candidate and the interviewer. There are many times when a candidate may think an interview went well, but after hearing from the interviewer they feel the exact opposite. You can be a near perfect skill fit for a given job, but ruin your chances of being selected if you fail to impress during a phone interview. Here are some key mistakes you could be making, and how to improve the next time around:

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